Script For A Chill – New EP Released!

Music label DistroKid has just released my 2nd electronic music album, a 5-song EP entitled “Script For A Chill”.  It’s available on Bandcamp for download.  It’s also available for free internet streaming on my SoundCloud account. The album was produced in Ableton Live, and mastered in Cakewalk Sonar and Sony Sound Forge.  Two of the… Continue reading Script For A Chill – New EP Released!

Dream Together – New dance/chill release

song art for Dream Together, by Collins & Frick

Songwriting and production partner Paul Frick and I have recently released another new song, “Dream Together”, which will be appearing on our upcoming debut album, which we’re hoping will be out some time in early 2016. Dreamy prog rock? Funky dance groove? You decide… “Dream Together” takes it to the next level. The song features… Continue reading Dream Together – New dance/chill release

Blue Paradise and Causality

This past week I released a couple of (chill/dance) songs that have been kicking around on the back burner over the last few months.  The first one (chronologically) is entitled Blue Paradise: Blue Paradise is a fun collaboration with my long term Wednesday Night Music cohort Paul Frick, and influenced by one of our favorite… Continue reading Blue Paradise and Causality

Cerulean Sojourn album released

On January 24, 2015, I released my first electronic music album, “Cerulean Sojourn”.  It was the culmination of 3+ years of learning and experimentation with the new instruments that we now have access to as electronic musicians in this incredible modern world. “Cerulean Sojourn” is an eclectic tour of (mostly) downtempo groove/chill electronica, incorporating elements… Continue reading Cerulean Sojourn album released