Anti-Rock Is Hard When You’re Wired For Rock

Signal Flow is Anti-rock

My collaborations with my friend Paul Frick continue to work towards a better understanding of, shall we say, “Anti-Rock”, or “music that is not rock/blues based”. Rock and blues is where we both come from, having listened to classic rock since the ’60s, and played it ourselves in cover bands since the ’70s. It’s how we… Continue reading Anti-Rock Is Hard When You’re Wired For Rock

Cerulean Sojourn album released

On January 24, 2015, I released my first electronic music album, “Cerulean Sojourn”.  It was the culmination of 3+ years of learning and experimentation with the new instruments that we now have access to as electronic musicians in this incredible modern world. “Cerulean Sojourn” is an eclectic tour of (mostly) downtempo groove/chill electronica, incorporating elements… Continue reading Cerulean Sojourn album released